Working for a Low Carbon Sheffield

We are a city-wide communications campaign working to bring about dramatic cuts in carbon emissions in our Region.

What's going on?

People's Climate March - Sheffield Rivers Rally

People's Climate March - Sheffield Rivers Rally

On Sunday 21 Sept, Sheffield will join New York and cities and towns around the world as part of the biggest climate demonstration ever, ahead of the UN Climate Summit. Join Sheffield Climate Alliance at 1pm on one of four creative walks along Sheffield’s rivers and converge on the Town Hall at 3pm to make our voices heard for the climate. Each walk has a colour theme linked to ‘Time to Act’ - ...
blue for clean water and no fracking, black for divestment from fossil fuels, green for investment in renewable energy, red for climate jobs and warm homes and yellow for safety from flooding. 
Be creative and wear or carry something for the colour or theme of the walk you’re joining! Find out more ...


The 'Big Stew' - free food event - 5th November. 4 - 7.30pm

The ‘Sheffield on a Plate’ team invite you to attend the “Big Stew” -a free food event for Sheffield made with “surplus” food to highlight the issues of food waste, food poverty, & positive student-led solutions.

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