National and Global Campaigns

Together we can make a difference to both Sheffield, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Find below a number of campaigns that need your help! is an international campaign to unite a movement around solutions to the climate crisis.


10:10 Campaign

The 10:10 initiative needs our help! The more people power we can get behind 10:10, the quicker we will see results.


BTCV Carbon Army

Actions speak louder than words! Get involved with local volunteering events in Sheffield with BTCV. Meet new people, improve Sheffield and help to cut C02 emissions.


Student Switch Off

Are you a student living in Sheffield? Why not become an Eco-Power Ranger and use your energy carefully. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, there are loads of prizes to be won!


OPAL Project Climate Surveys

The OPAL climate survey consists of four simple activities. By taking part you'll be helping investigate how our activities affect the climate, and the ways in which climate may affect us.



Sheffield is a Fairtrade City. Find out what this means here.


Let's Change4Life

LetÂ’s Change4Life is a city wide programme focused on addressing overweight and obesity in children and families.


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