Action For Stannington

What community group is it?

Action For Stannington

Where are they located?

Wood Lane Countryside Centre

Contact Details?

Danny Piermattei - 07986 359969 -

How have they improved the green spaces within Sheffield?

Action For Stannington (AFS) aims to improve the quality of life for the people of Stannington through the development and provision of schemes to conserve and protect the local environment. Using the theme of self-help in the community, AFS raises awareness and encourages residents to look after their neighbourhood by focussing on the feelgood factor.

It gives all residents the opportunity to contribute to a better community and uses the environment as the neutral ground to bring people together.

Some of the projects undertaken are:

  • Extensive recycling facilities
  • Litter clean-up kits distributed to households and businesses
  • Ensuring that every pub has glass recycling bins
  • Visiting schools to explain the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Running the Re-Use Centre, where people can bring uwanted items for re-distribution to less advantaged members of the community 

Danny was awarded the MBE last year for his work with Action For Stannington and picked up the Individual Award at the Sheffield Telegraph Environment Awards 2009.

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