Friends of Grenoside Green

What community group is it?

Friends of Grenoside Green

Where are they located?

Grenoside Green

Contact Details?

Mr David Dulieu -

How have they improved the green spaces within Sheffield?

The friends of Grenoside Green have over the last three years transformed a derelict area of their village in to a quality village green which is now at the heart of the local village community.

The site of the former village Library has been transformed by landscaping and planting to provide seating areas surrounded by sustainable planting giving year round colour and interest.

The green provides an ideal space at the centre of the village for local events and activities and the friends have organised a full programme throughout the year. Great care has been taken in sourcing materials and where ever possible they are from the surrounding local area.

Materials have been recycled to cut down waste and foot paths and entrances have been designed for disabled access. A number of seats have been built in to the greens designs which are sheltered from the prevailing winds over looking the new village school.

The enthusiasm of the of all of the group members was congratulated for what has been achieved in such a short timescale at the Sheffield First Community Awards 2008.

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