Hillsborough Forum

What community group is it?

Hillsborough Forum

Where are they located?

Hillsborough Tabernacle Church, Proctor Place

Contact Details?

Wendy Wells - Hillsboroughforum@live.co.uk

How have they improved the green spaces within Sheffield?

Hillsborough is a built-up suburb with mainly terraced houses and no visible gardens. This is coupled with a busy shopping district and little greenery. In response, Hillsborough Forum undertook a plan to transform the street scene and improve the local environment.

Their 'Green Hillsborough' project gained a small amount of funding from the Council and Area Panel, and supported it with sponsorship and donations from local business to maximise the floral displays around Hillsborough bridge and also to clear and plant in a small piece of land on Holme Lane. They also produced a leaflet on buying local food.

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