Sheffield Black and Ethnic Minority Environmental Network

Sheffield Black & Ethnic Minority Environmental Network (SHEBEEN) was created to promote the greater social inclusion and empowerment of Sheffield Black and Ethnic Minorities in relation to the built, human and natural environment both within Sheffield and at regional and global levels.

Environmental organisations widely acknowledge that few BME individuals or organisations take up activities such as conservation, recycling, horticulture, or simply visiting local and national parks for activities promoting health and social well being.

SHEBEEN want to change this and want to enable people of all ethnic backgrounds to get involved in the wide range of activities that are happening both within Sheffield and beyond.

A recent joint project between SHEBEEN and the Asian Welfare Association secured a £30,000 for designing, landscaping and art work for Staveley Road Community Garden.

For more information visit the SHEBEEN website, email or call 0114 272 2030.

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