Transition Sheffield

Transition Sheffield are part of the growing Transition Towns Network. They aim to raise awareness about climate change, peak oil and have groups in Burngreave, Crookes/Walkley, Heeley/Meersbrook, Nether Edge/Sharrow and Porter Valley.

Transition Towns are born out of the urgent need to respond to the twin threats of climate change and an imminent decline in fossil fuels (peak oil and gas). A Transition Town is a community in transition from a high energy way of life to a much lower energy one. As global oil supplies begin to diminish, our way of life— which depends on cheap, readily available oil—will inevitably change. If this process of change is not well managed, or even ignored, the consequences could be catastrophic. Transition initiatives can help to imagine a life beyond consumerism, share skills and resources, reduce carbon emissions, build local communities and strengthen local economies. We hope you can join us!

For more information visit the Transition Sheffield website


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