Benefits of Eco-Schools

Green flag award

Mosborough Primary School Green Flag (2006)

Becoming an Eco School is much more than just a new award. We’ve listed many of the benefits to your school below, but the wider implications are extremely important with global implications and something to take great pride in.

  Eco Schools rewards your ‘green’ efforts with 3 awards, Bronze, Silver and Green Flag. But the rewards don’t stop there!

An Eco-School can...


Save Money

Being Green can save £’s! By adopting measures that reduce consumer wastage and conserve water and energy as part of your Action Plan, you can see significant savings. There is the potential to raise cash by reusing or recycling materials, selling your schools produce and even generating your own energy.



Becoming an Eco School is a wonderful achievement that can be shared with the wider communities. Share your success with the local press and Local dignitaries to help you celebrate and gain recognition. Green Flag Schools can also use the Eco School Logo on stationary.


Linking into the Curriculum

Eco activities can fit well into the National Curriculum, providing creative learning opportunities. For example, energy monitoring can be used in Geography, science, citizenship and maths lessons.


Involving the Wider Community

Eco Schools encourages the wider community to become involved and is a perfect way to promote parental partnerships and community cohesion. Young people take the environmental


 School Improvements

The whole school takes responsibility for the environmental management of their school, ensuring it is cleaner, greener and safer. Communications improves, year groups unite to work toward a common cause.


Eco-Schools improves student / adult lines of communication and unites the whole school behind a common cause.

 a sense of responsibility

Eco-Schools helps develop and increase a sense of responsibility enhancing and thriving in school communities where the views of others are valued and action is taken in response to these views

 improving behaviour

 Eco-Schools improves the behaviour of pupils as they develop an increasing sense of belonging and pride within their school, local community and city.

pride in your environment 

Eco-Schools provides an opportunity to use real local issues to deliver cross-curricular themes, adding purpose to study, increasing the level of pupil engagement during lessons and helping them understand how many different issues are linked together.

 recycling centre

Eco-Schools and Citizenship 

One of the reasons the City Council likes Eco-School is that every Eco-School must have an Eco-Committee of young people who help the school’s eco-work with the adults in the school. The City Council is committed to involving our young people in its environmental work and to help develop the active eco-friendly Sheffield citizens of the future.

Photographs by Peter Wolstenholme

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What should the green commission be focusing on?

  • Green Energy
  • Cleaner Transport
  • Better Building Insulation
  • Sustainable Buildings/Infrastructure
  • Climate Change Adaption
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