I, Chris Tremblett, promise to drive in a fuel-efficient way


Potential savings could be 588,000 Hendersons' bottles full of CO2 and £100 per year

Advice to help you fulfil your promise

It is difficult for many of us to avoid using our cars, but it is possible to drive in a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly way. With fuel prices at the pump nudging towards record highs again, driving smarter has never made so much sense! Try using your car less for short journeys

 Remember these tips to help you eco drive and save fuel...

Where it is safe and legal to do so

  1. Keep a steady speed, using the highest gear possible to keep your engine working at its most efficient.
  2. Shift into a higher gear as soon as possible; between 2000rpm and 2500rpm.
  3. Slow down smoothly by taking your foot off the accelerator, leaving the car in gear. Modern engines don't use fuel under these conditions.

Eco-driving Benefit

  1. Save money on fuel - Eco-Driving fuel costs are typically 10% lower.
  2. Reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
  3. Reduce local air pollution.
  4. Reduce your impact on Climate Change.

Watch your rev counter

rev counter

If your vehicle is not equipped with a rev-counter, use your speed as a guide to gear changing :

1st gear: to set off
2nd gear: up to 15 mph
3rd gear: 15 - 25 mph
4th gear: 25 - 30 mph
5th gear: 30 mph+

Eco driving hints from Care4Air

Driving in this way is know as Eco Driving or Smarter Driving, you can find details about how to drive in this way on the website of the South Yorkshire Care4Air campaign. It also contains a calculator so that you can work out how much you have saved by adapting your driving style.

Download the Care4Air guide to eco driving 'AtoB £ffici£ntly'. Due to the recent rise in fuel prices, some of the fuel costs in the guide may be out of date, but the savings will be even bigger! 

To avoid unnecessary fuel wasting, journey times, adding to congestion, carbon and air pollution, check livejourney details before you set off, visit the highways agency or frixo.com for the latest national road and traffic conditions.

How's Sheffield doing?


Promises made by the people of Sheffield have the potential to save 529,887 kg of CO2 per year.

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Outside Sheffield 35
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