I, Chris Tremblett, promise to turn down my central heating by 1°


Potential savings could be 2,445,500 Crucible snooker balls full of CO2 and £55 per year

Advice to help you fulfil your promise

Top tips to stop wasting money on your heating

  • Turn down your thermostat 1°C – each degree you’ll save around £50 and almost a third of a tonne of carbon
  • Heat only the rooms you’re using, regulate each room by using thermostatic radiator valves
  • Lower the temperature of your hot water supply. Any hotter than 60°C and you’ll have to add in cold water to cool it down to a bearable temperature
  • Boiler older than 15 years and breaking down? This often means you should be ready for an upgrade to a condensing boiler
  • Get your boiler serviced annually
  • Move large pieces of furniture away from radiators – this could make it 20% more efficient
  • Fit a shallow (5cm) shelf above radiators to direct heat into the room

turning down thermostat

Local Energy Help and Advice

Sheffield City Council - Sustainable Homes and Affordable Warmth
Sustainable Housing and Affordable Warmth (SHAW)
Neighbourhoods and Community Care
Sheffield City Council
PO Box 1918
S1 2XX

0114 273 58370114 273 5837 - Sustainability
0114 273 62940114 273 6294 - Affordable Warmth including grants for insulation

Email: shawteam@sheffield.gov.uk

Web pages

Insulate your home for FREE

Sheffield City Council are offering free cavity wall and loft insulation to all private home owners and anyone living in private rented accommodation living in the city (providing your house is suitable).  This is a new service to help you keep warm, save money on your fuel bills and do your bit for the environment.  It will cover the whole city, ward by ward, street by street over the next few years.

For more details: email insulation@sheffield.gov.uk

Heating Controls - Energy Saving Trust

Go to the energy saving trust website for further advice on using your heating controls the most efficiently

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Promises made by the people of Sheffield have the potential to save 529,887 kg of CO2 per year.

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I promise to turn down my central heating by 1°
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Central 31
Outside Sheffield 19
South 17
South West 13
South East 10
North East 10
Northern 8
East 3
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Sheffield Eco Business

The Sheffield Eco Business Programme is an initiative designed to simplify how businesses in Sheffield access support to improve their bottom line by improving their environmental performance.

Sheffield Eco Schools

Eco-Schools is an international award scheme which schools can use to make sure that they are working hard to be more and more eco-friendly. The City Council would like to encourage all of our city’s schools to become Eco-Schools.

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