I, Chris Tremblett, promise to buy food in season


Potential savings could be 60,000 Sheffield AFC leather footballs full of CO2 and £50 per year

Advice to help you fulfil your promise

Its quite difficult to put an exact figure on how much money you will save, but a basket of fruit and vegetables bought in the summer can be as much as a third cheaper than the same basket bought out of season.  Over a year you could save a quite staggering 600kg of carbon per year.

You should be aware though that locally grown food doesn’t always mean better for the environment. For example, tomatoes grown in a greenhouse during the winter in the UK have higher carbon emissions than those imported from Spain by road. So it pays to think local AND seasonal.

buy local vegTop Tips on food in season:

  • Visit Castle Market and seek out seasonal bargains.
  • Use the local farmers market that runs in the city centre -  find out when they are happening.
  • Bulk buy and freeze or preserve in pickles, chutney’s and jam.
  • Join Grow Sheffield, an active network of individuals and groups promoting urban organic food growing in the city.
  • Unsure about what fruit and vegetables are in season? Check the links below to some good UK seasonal food websites or download this seasonal food chart from the Guardian newspaper.
  • Avoid throwing food away - don’t shop when you are hungry, make a list and stick to it. A third of food bought in the UK is thrown away.
  • If you can, grow your own. You don’t need a huge garden or allotment
  • Use a local, seasonal food supplier.

Local seasonal food suppliers that will deliver to your door

(Local seasonal food supplier and not on the list? Get in touch info@sheffieldismyplanet.co.uk )


UK Seasonal Food websites

  • Eat the Seasons  UK seasonal food information, tips and recipe ideas, updated every Wednesday. 
  • Eat Seasonably information that helps you enjoy fresh fruit and veg at its seasonal best. That means better value, better taste and a better deal for the planet. Also features step by step guide to growing your own food. 
  • The BBC has recipes designed to fit around the seasonal availability of food.
  • More ideas on ways of cooking seasonal food from seasonalfoodrecipes.co.uk.

love food hate waste logoAvoid Wasting Food

Every year in the UK we throw away £12 billion worth of food which could have been eaten. Wasted food is a waste of money and a major contributor to climate change. If we all stopped wasting food that could have been eaten, it would have the same environmental impact as taking 1 in 4 cars off UK roads. Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) that has lots of tasty leftover recipes, a portion calculator, top tips and date label advice to help us make the most of the food we buy.

How's Sheffield doing?


Promises made by the people of Sheffield have the potential to save 529,887 kg of CO2 per year.

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